Do you need a versatile  artist?   Expert here.

Choosing a professional artist is such a personal thing.  There is a lot of competition and only the best can survive the urban Jungle.  Gallagrafix is a company started by Johnathon Gallagher in the year 2000.  Trained in the theater he has an eye for excellence.  Digital arts are very to the fore and he has segued to the platform to offer creative solutions to graphic problems- hence the FIX in Gallagrafix.

I charge a consultation fee of $50. an hour.   If painting, I charge by the square foot depending upon level of detail.  Digital work is contracted by proposal and estimated hours of completion. I have great references and strong portfolio.   Here is my RESUME page.


As a freelance artist  I have completed hundreds of  arts-related projects.   Here are a few of  my career highlights  in the past as a Professional Scenic Artist & Set Painter in Hollywood.   Enjoy!

Commercials: sets

 1991 *  Kellogg's Rice Crispies (2)  * Hall's Mentholyptus   * Lens Crafter's

 1992 *  WKRP in Cincinnati - (2 backdrops)

  * 7-11  * Ford  * Illinois Bell  * Mattel's Air Hockey

 1993 *  Nissan * Pontiac  * Mazda * Cadillac Auto

 1995 *  Clorox Bleach  * Denny's  * Palmolive Soap  * Coca Cola  

 1997 *  Long John Silver's  * Kraft Cheese   * Tostitos  * Pop Tarts  * Dodge Durango

 1998 *  Godiva Chocolates  *  Loreal  *  Barbie  *  Pepsi *

 2000 *  Verizon

 2004 *  Weight Watchers




 Theater & Opera: sets for Giathiatrics

2001 * "Oliver Twist" set.  (

2002 *  "Don Giovanni"  Opera Set  (

2002 *  "Front and Center" guest speaker Christopher Reeve--Granite Set

2003 *  Marbleized set for "Front and Center" guest star,  Natalie Cole

2005 *  "Trombone" set pieces for a one man show held at the Wilshire Ebel Theater, Los Angeles

2005 *  "Friedman Group"

2006 * "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" 

2006 * "Dublin Carol"  set design color elevation, The  Alhecama Theater,  Santa Barbara, CA.

2006 *  "Hansel and Gretel" 

2006 *  "Man of La Mancha"  set painting, The Rubicon Theater, Ventura

2007 *  "The Diary of Anne Frank"  set  painting, The Rubicon Theater, Ventura

2007 *  "Hamlet"  set  painting,  ("Best Set Design Award) The Rubicon Theater, Ventura

2008 * " Bus Stop" set  painting for the Rubicon Theater, Ventura

2009 * "Who's Afraid of  Virginia Wolfe?" sets  Rubicon Theater, Ventura

2009 * "Fiddler on the Roof " Set  painting for  Rubicon Theater, Ventura

2010 * "Trying" Set  painting for the Rubicon Theater, Ventura

2010 * "Crimes of the Heart" Set Painting for the Rubicon Theater, Ventura

2011 * "Master Harold and the Boys"  Set Painting   Rubicon Theater

2011 * "Lonesome Traveler" Set Painting ,  Rubicon Theater /Laguna Theater

2012 * "Hello, My Baby" Set Painting, Rubicon Theater, Ventura

2013 * "Mystery of Irma Vep"  Set Painting, Falcon Theater,  Toluca Lake

2013 * "Midsummer's Night Dream" Set painting,  Forest backdrop, Calabasas High School.

2014 * "Young Frankenstein" set painting, Calabasas High School

2014 * "World Goes  Round"  Backdrop and set painting,  Rubicon Theater

2015 * "My Fair Lady" Marbleized staircase and painted floor  Rubicon Theater

2015 * "A Christmas Carol" wood-washed set for the Rubicon Theater, Ventura

2016 * "Who Shot Liberty Valance"- Western glazed wood- Rubicon Ventura

2016 *  "Constance Darrow "  Marbleized Floor and set pieces   Rubicon

Music Video: sets

1992 * P.M. Dawn  Scenic backdrop for a music video

1993 *  Janet Jackson   Aged wall treatments for a music video set ("Again")

1994 * MTV's "Dead at 21"  Apocalypse Mural

 Art Exhibits and Awards:


1984 * "Windows 1" Aeolus Gallery, Los Angeles 

1985  * Del Mano Gallery, Brentwood  "Treasures" Exhibit

1988  * Beverly Hills Art Affaire Exhibit  (Ribbon Award)

1990,  1991  * Toluca Lake  Art Fair (Two 2nd Place ribbons)

1991  * Burbank Fine Arts Federation  (2nd place winner), Creative Arts Center, Burbank

1991  * Polar Design" Beverly Hills- Group Exhibit  "A Human  Sensibility" One of my paintings, "The Grey Nexus,"was stolen!

1993 * Best of Show,  Burbank Art Association at the Coast National Bank   Multi-Media : "Neon Angel"

1993 * 1st  Place Award   Toluca Lake Art Fair - Judge's Committee  "The Jester"

1993 * "Paradox" Solo Exhibit at the Swan Fine Arts Gallery at the Toluca Lake Tennis Club

1994 * "Wild Animals" Exhibit by Four Painters.  Sales to benefit Tippi Hedren's Wildlife Refuge,  Swan Gallery Toluca Lake

2002  *  Fine Arts Federation  Award For "Angelfish"-  This Painting was also purchased by the gallery director of the Creative Arts Center, Burbank

2003   * Autry Museum of Heritage Award  won at the Burbank Art Association's Master's Exhibit for "Celestial Bodies #3".

2004 * "Myth & Magic"  A retrospective exhibit of 100 paintings,  and ceramic works of art, Creative Arts Center Gallery, Burbank

2005-6* Burbank Fine Arts Federation Annual Exhibition     

2007  *Burbank Art Association Honors Exhibit in October.  1st  Place Multi-Media for "Strawberry Fields" , given by Valley Frame and Molding

2008  *Burbank Art Association Honors Exhibit in November  1st Place Multi-Media Award for "Treasure", given by  Jack Richeson and Co.  also 1st Place Award for Abstract, "Untitled #2 ,  Jack Richeson and Co. Award.

2009  *Judge for the Santa Clarita Art Association's 20 year Classic Art  Showcase October 17,  2009.

2010  * Fine Arts Federation Annual," Fiesta of Art" - "Medicine Wheel"

2010 * Burbank Art Association Honor's exhibition, May,  Third-Place ribbon for "Art in America" a mixed-media assemblage.

2010 * Burbank Art Association Interim Group Exhibit "Land and Sea" August 21- through  Sept 30,  Glendale, CA.

2011 * Burbank Art Association,  Spring  Exhibit. Best of Show, Honor's Division for  "Sunface"-  a mixed-media piece.  May 21- June 25.

2012 *  Heart & Sol  Exhibition @ The Geo Gallery, Glendale, CA October 15th Through November 26th.  (Thanks  Burbank Times).

2012 * Burbank Art Association,  Fall Show.  First Place, Honor's Division for  "My Boots" Oil on canvas..  November 2-15.  Creative Art Center Gallery.  November 2-15.

2013 * Burbank Art Association, Spring Show.  First Place, Honor's Division for "Oriental Tree."  Honorable Mention for, "Avatar Rod" @ the Geo Gallery through May 18. 

2014 * Burbank Art Association, Fall show, Third Place Honor's Division for Oil  on canvas "Marilyn Monroe." Creative Arts Center Gallery. November 7 - 21.

2015 * Fine Arts Federation "Arti Gras" Exhibit.  March 6-26 , winner of the Brand Library Award for  mixed-media painting "Fooling Around." March 6-26  Creative Arts Center Gallery.

2015 * Burbank Art Association Fall Exhibit, Oct 30- Nov 12  Second Place Honor's Division  for Oil on canvas, "The Coral Reef" C A C Gallery.

2016 * Burbank Art Association Spring Exhibition   Best of Show   for  my "Pencil Portrait"  Geo Gallery Glendale CA  through  May 13th.