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 Please remember all designs on this website are copy-righted by artist, Johnathon Gallagher, 2011.   U.S. Money Order purchases please.

Below are special limited edition hand-colored lithographs available through Gallagrafix for $45.00 each (tax incl.). 

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Happy Clown Unicorn Hey Diddle

unicorn_t.jpg (11616 bytes)


caterpil_t.jpg (6692 bytes)

cat3_t.jpg (7795 bytes)
Owl Caterpillar Cat

Ordering Information

Each lithograph is sent rolled in a mailing tube and ready for framing.   Please add $3.00 for postage and handling.   Specify design by name.    Allow 3 weeks for delivery of any art from this, or any other gallery. 

Money Order  to:

Johnathon Gallagher
1100 West Angeleno Ave.
Burbank, CA. 91506

Phone:  1-818-846-5138


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