Johnathon Gallagher:     Painter and Digital Artist

  Gallagrafix is a new company, dedicated to excellence in the visual arts field, with all of its myriad diversity.  I was trained in the theater where a scenic artist played a creative role in the art department, in the world of sets, where anything could be created.  Painted illusion became the reality.   The unique challenge of each  job  constantly tested our dexterity, and that was the best part of working as a scenic artist.  That was then.  Now I have also incorporated new skills in the digital arts.   I offer a complete DIGITAL graphic design service:  Web Graphics - 2 and 3D animation,  Photography Retouch and digital artwork for print, web, and for DVD format.   I know many programs such as Adobe Photoshop CS3, Maya, Corel, Adobe Premier,  Flash,  and many other basic Painter and special-effects programs.  Each effort offers my unique expression and there are multiple possibilities for any business related design work.  You may contact me at   for any questions.  

  Artfully Yours, Johnathon Gallagher   



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