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    These original animations may take a minute or two to load, so please be patient if you are on dial up modem. Most have sound, so turn on your volume switch.  Click on each and enjoy!

1- Garden

2- Worldwide

3- Christmas Train

4-Hollywood Rollercoaster

5- Spiral

6-Halloween 2010

7- Winter 2016

8-TV Land


9-Christmas Sleigh

10- Eagle Rod

11- Happy New Years!

12-Xmas Tree


13- Timeless

14- Genie

15-4th of July

16- Turkey Dinner


        18- Neil ArmStrong

     19- Happy Krimble

        20- Dream Circles

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21-Old Man Vocal

22- Lucky Leprachaun

23- Valentine Hearts

24- St. Patty's

25- Humpty Dumpty

26- Bathing Man

27- Sunface 2

28- Ecology


29-Crystal Ship Vocal

30- Easter 2014

31-Bowie Dancer

32- Manta Ray


33- Black Spot

34- The Fab Four Vocal

35- Halloween 2017

36- Cynthia Vocal

37- The Vortex

38- Halloween Scream

39- Imagine Vocal

 40- Fire &Rain Vocal